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Bobbi Warren

                                 “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"
​                                                   - Buddha
"After 40 years in the complementary health field of Reflexology, my passion for training others to continue the work I have done for most of my life is still strong. My mother, Muff, introduced me to Reflexology back in the '60s. She learned about it from a nurse while training to be a Yoga teacher. In 1979 we began our journey /adventure in Reflexology by training with the original school of Reflexology, the Int'l. Inst. of Reflexology and after working with lots of feet, we became Certified in 1983. At that time I was asked to become one of their teachers, where, for the next year & a half I personally trained with the late Dwight C. Byers - nephew of Reflexology's developer, Eunice D. Ingham - and the rest is history. Since 1985, I have been able to teach this incredible therapy to thousands in every state in the US, most provinces in Canada & England. My practice is very limited now, by referral only, but I continue to pass on my knowledge to whoever finds their way to my workshops."

  • In 1992, Muff and Bobbi became one of the first in the nation to receive National Reflexology Board Certifications (ARCB). 
  • Bobbi is listed in the Who's Who in Executives and Professionals, Medicine and Health Care and Who's Who Among Young American Professionals. Muff and Bobbi were also listed jointly in the Who's Who of Professionals.
  • They have both appeared in numerous newspapers and TV shows to discuss alternative health through Reflexology. These include the San Diego Union-Tribune, The LA Times, SunUp San Diego & The Learning Channel. They also teach self-help classes about Foot Reflexology to seniors and students. In their spare time, they have their own hobbies and active lives, and they don't do foot massages! 
  • In 2007 Bobbi wrote the book “What My Feet Say About Me - The Art of Foot Reading to Better Understand Yourself and Others.” ​
  • They then co-authored a chapter about how Reflexology healed their relationship in a new book, “Discover Your Inner Strengths”, co-authored with Brian Tracy and Ken Blanchard. 

What inspired me to become a Reflexologist? 

To be honest, it was a cute guy in my church who wanted to trade with me when he found out I knew Reflexology! I decided I had to become Certified and during the process I found it very rewarding to help friends with various health issues. Once I became Certified in the Ingham Method, the rest fell into place with a booming practice over the next 40 years, working on hundreds and hundreds of feet and hands and the blessing of being able to travel 6 months out of every year sharing this incredible natural health modality.




Professionally I have known Bobbi for over 30 years. In that time, she has contributed to the expansion of the foundation of reflexology through her innovative approaches in the courses and workshops she presents as well as her written work. As an instructor, through her bubbly and warm personality, she shares her passion and dedication to new students entering the field and those returning for more advanced study in reflexology.”      
Christine Issel; Author of Art, Science & History of Reflexology
Bobbi is a wealth of knowledge. She is organized and knows her information very well. I love to listen to her stories and her quirky way of helping us remember reflexology stuff. She’s an amazing person and I hope I can take another class from her sometime again. I was blessed to have gotten to know her and taken her classes.” 
Blessings & Love  - 
Michelle N., MT
“After attending your seminar in TX, I would drive anywhere to take another class of your caliber. You are
professional and make what could be ‘dry’ information…. fun. I will continue bringing students with me
because I want others to learn this excellent method of ‘natural’ healing.”
                                                                                                        Casper, WY

The mind is everything.    What you think, you become.
Buddha' feet imprinted in stone at Kathmandu, Nepal
Bobbi Warren, NBCR
San Diego, CA area