In Memory of
Muff Warren
1927 - 2018
Muff Warren was born Mignon Milliken in Berkeley, California on August 12, 1927 to a metaphysical mother and CPA father who had also been a Big Band leader. (Ernie Milliken & His Band of Renown). She grew up in "high society", going to a private woman's high school and then marrying her husband of 62 years, Charles (Chuck) Warren. She had 2 children, Bobbi and Chad who she also raised in a loving, joyful and metaphysical home. She and her mother studied all the spiritual traditions and books together and it was not uncommon for her mother to have great conversations with her Spirit friends in the kitchen. She inspired many, many people to study and embody spirituality.

Most people know our mom thru Reflexology but to us, other than being a fantastic mom, she was our Spiritual Mentor and the one who inspired our Spiritual path. It is because of mom that Chad was doing advanced Yoga positions at Indra Devi's Ashram in Mexico at the age of 9 and she had him learn Transcendental Meditation (Bobbi was initiated at the age of 16) and then dragged him to Fiuggi, Italy at the age of 13 for 4 months of deep TM Meditation, studying with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, where they both became teachers of TM. Chad and Muff taught Yoga at the La Jolla Y for many years. They also ran the TM Center in La Mesa for many years before Chad went off to University. She also spent time in Switzerland studying with Maharishi and inspired many people to a Spiritual path during her lifetime of service.

When Chad was 10 years old (1967) and going deaf, my Mom learned about Reflexology from a nurse she met at the Yoga Ashram in Tecate, Mexico where she studied to be a Yoga teacher - she was way ahead of her time - she asked her friend to show her, in reflexology specifically, where to work so she hopefully could heal his hearing (it did). Thus, since the 60’s, Muff started a life-long journey, along with Bobbi, dedicated to giving and healing thousands and thousands of people all over the world thru Reflexology. 

Bobbi & Muff became one of the top Seminar Trainers teams of the Ingham Method® for 30 years for the original school of Reflexology - The International Institute – Muff was nationally board certified (ARCB) in Reflexology and was active in various professional reflexology organizations.

​The Warrens appeared in numerous newspapers, on TV and radio and were sought after speakers on various topics at state and national conferences. In 2008, Muff, at age 81, received the field’s highest recognition - The Eunice D. Ingham Award for her lifetime support and community service in the field of reflexology. They are both the authors of "Discover Your Inner Strength", writing about their own personal story of how Reflexology was the vehicle that helped healed their broken mother-daughter relationship. She passed away peacefully on October 30 at age 91 in La Mesa, CA  

Her Professional  and Social Affiliations included:

Reflexology Association of America (RAA) 
      1998 Nationa Conference Chair
Reflexology Association of California (RAC)
       Charter Member and former Board Member
Foot Reflexology Awareness Association (FRAA)
        Charter Member and former Board Member
La Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club
San Diego Parrot Head Club