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Reflexology Training

International Institute of Reflexology - West Coast 
2023 Seminar Schedule

The IIR is the only reflexology school licensed to teach the Original Ingham Method® of Reflexology. It is the combined work of the late Eunice Ingham and her nephew Dwight C. Byers, the world’s leading authority on Foot Reflexology.

The foot and hand reflexology charts used during our classes are exactly as Eunice Ingham produced them back in the 1930’s. If you want to achieve the best results, beware of imitations.

The Original Ingham Method® of Reflexology has survived for over seventy years because it works. While we continue to develop our techniques, the basis of our work is exactly the same as Eunice documented.

“Stories the Feet Can Tell Through Reflexology” and “Stories the Feet have Told Through Reflexology” are two books written by Eunice Ingham, which give case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of her work.

Graduates of the IIR have reported thousands of case studies, each demonstrating that Reflexology has delivered significant health benefits to clients of all ages and presenting with a wide range of health problems.


Register for the class/es you want to attend. 30 days out from the the ones that meet the minimum registration will be
the ones that will be held. The actual days may be changed (ie; Fri/Sat to Sat/Sun



Unless otherwise noted, all classes will be held at a private residence.

April 29-30
                         Sat/Sun                                 PHASE 1 or 2
LA MESA, CA     (San Diego area) 

May 1                                  Monday                                 PHASE 5  PLANTAR FASCIITIS
LA MESA, CA           (San Diego area)

June 23-24                          Fri/Sat                                    PHASE 1 or 2
Private residence
LA MESA, CA           (San Diego area)
June 25-26                           Sun/Mon                               PHASE 3
LA MESA, CA           (San diego area)

August 4-5                             Fri/Sat                                   PHASE 1 or 2
LA MESA, CA            (San Diego area)

August 6-7                              Sun/Mon                              PHASE 3

September  8-9                      Sat/Sun                                PHASE ! or 2
Private residence

September 10-11                   Sun/Mon                              PHASE 3

October 28-29                          Sat/Sun                               PHASE 3

November 11-12                      Sat/Sun                               PHASE 1 or 2

 REGISTER (Minimum) 30 days in advance
(Unless otherwise posted) That means the seminar will be canceled on the deadline day if there are not enough students registered. Classes are limited to 8.  No refunds after the deadline. Registration is through Bobbi Warren 
**Please do not register through the Home Office

 Call Bobbi Warren at 619-723-5276 - give her your credit card # to hold your place,

Reflexology Registration Information

Pre-Registration is Required for these Workshops. To qualify for
 "Early Bird Tuition" (see below) you MUST register 30 days PRIOR to workshop with your Administrative Fee sent in or called in to us:
Early Bird non refundable Administrative Fee is $100.00
(30 days PRIOR) to workshop
Administrative Fee is $125.00 after the deadline

Cost of Workshops:

 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (if you register up to 30 days before the workshop - deposit of the Administrative fee of $100 is required*.)
 If you register after the dealine the cost is $50 more.

New Student (Phase I)   $400
Phase II    $275
Phase III   $375
Exam        $300
  (Can Be taken at Phase II or III)
Exam Prep Day   $200

Phase IV
         Foot Reading
                     In-person:         $300(2-day)    
                    Online course   $195 (8 hr)
        Plantar Fasciitis $250 (1-day) includes materials fee
Explanation of workshops:

PHASE l WORKSHOP - 2 day workshop
Learn the Ingham Method® of Reflexology techniques to help yourself, your family and friends. The Ingham Method® is a simple, effective method of helping the whole body in a natural way. These Workshops consist of theory and practical application where you will learn how to properly apply Ingham Method® of Reflexology. We welcome professionals and laymen alike.

The two-day Phase l training workshop, Includes the book "Anatomy & Reflexology Helper Areas Study Guide"
    Early Bird Tuition: $ 400.00 
If you register after the 30 deadline:
                      Tuition:  $ 450.00

PHASE ll WORKSHOP - 2 day workshop
Refresher of Phase 1. Before moving on to Phase lll (advanced techniques) you will refresh theory and basic techniques making sure that you are doing them properly before moving on to advanced techniques. This workshop may be repeated as often as you wish. (Read One student's experience below)

The two-day Phase ll training workshop
     Early Bird Tuition:   $ 270.00 
If you register after the 30 deadline:
                       Tuition:    $325.00 

I.D. membership card must be presented at time of registration for identification. If yours is lost, send $2.00 immediately to the International Institute of Reflexology for replacement. This workshop may be repeated as many times as a Member wishes.

NOTE: Return Members will receive a $30.00 discount toward their registration (at Phase 2) when accompanied by a New Member they have personally introduced to Reflexology and I.I.R. Workshops ($30.00 maximum discount). 

PHASE lll WORKSHOP - 2 day workshop
~ How to assess the feet and hands including anatomy, foot conditions and functions.
~ Advanced techniques - building on previous techniques learned in Phase I/II as well as perfecting the basic and relaxing techniques.
~ Hand Reflexology Techniques
~ How to give an Ingham Method® of Reflexology Session
~ Marketing Your Practice
~ Preparation for Certification exam / review for Certified members . . . and much more
The two-day Phase lll training workshop
     Early Bird Tuition: $375.00 
     Tuition:                    $425.00
Refresher Phase III Workshop: This workshop may be repeated as many times as a Member wishes
      Early Bird Tuition: $275.00 
                         Tuition: $325.00 

PHASE IV Certification Exam
Must complete the following 200 hour program in order to take the IIR Exam (Minimum Requirements)
     16 hours - Phase I Workshop
     16 hours - Phase II Workshop
     16 hours - Phase III Workshop
     52 hours - Home Study of books, Study Guide and Videos
     100 hours - documanted Reflexology sessions on at least 15 people
The Cerification Exam on the Ingham Method of Reflexology consists of both a written test on the theory and a practical application on an instructor. This exam can be taken at any of the Phase I-III workshops upon completion of all the above requirements.

Please Note: I.I.R. reserves the right to cancel or reschedule with a full refund any pre-registered workshop that does not meet the minimum pre-registrations 30 days prior to Workshop.

* The $100 Admininstrative fee is non-refundable if you cancel after the 30 day deadline or just don't show up.. Registration is still available after the 30 days if registration minimum has been met. 

Please do not make any air travel reservations until you receive confirmation that the class will go.

Workshop Schedule:
First Day -
Registration is from 8:00 a.m. - 8:45 a.m.
Workshop is from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Lunch break is from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
Second Day -
Workshop is from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Lunch break is from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

Please come visit us at a workshop near you. Dress comfortably as we do practical on both days. Short nails are necessary. 

16 Credit Hours - you must REQUEST the CEU's at registration.

ARCB # P00101 16 for in-person class. 8 for online Foot Reading course only - NCBTMB

Arkansas State Board of Massage Therapy
Florida Massage #50-1041
Georgia Board of Massage Therapy Provider #50-1041
Georgia Board of Nursing Provider #50-1041
Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy #LAP0009
Mississippi Board of Massage Therapy MAP #016-1
National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Provider #021995-00-00 NCBTMB
Nebraska Board of Massage Therapy
* * *Please note: If you are taking CEU's for Florida, Louisiana or Mississippi and taking a workshop outside of the State you are seeking CEU's please contact us immediately so we can register the workshop with your State.  Otherwise your CEU's might not count.
Dear Bobbi & Muff,
Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoyed the Reflexology training on Feb. 11 & 12. You both impressed me with your detailed knowledge and your enthusiasm. Your stories from your many years of 'hands on' experiences also made it all come alive for me. It is nice to have the training handled by two people because it breaks up the monontomy of listening to one person for two days. It also gives the participant more individual attention..
You both provided a very caring and positive expericnce for me and the others. I look forward to continuing.
Paul K. 1996


"Twenty-five years ago today (October 12, 1987) in NYC you gave me the great news that I had passed my written and practical exams for certification in Reflexology. It was a great turning point in my life--I had finally found my niche---FEET! I can't believe how the time has just flown by. I still remember working on your toes!!!

On this milestone date I want to THANK YOU for your wonderful teaching and being part of something that I have been so passionate about for 25 years! Reflexology!!! It has been such a pleasure to work on people's feet all these years and to experience how this wonderful science can help improve people's health.

I don't know when I will ever make it to San Diego..but perhaps one of these days our paths will cross again.

In the meantime, stay well and again,
Deborah Nordemann

During my Phase I class my intructor was going over the requirements for certification. When she said it was required to take the Phase I class again, same info and everything except it was refered to as Phase II, I thought "what a crock", they're just trying to get more money out of us.

Two years later I am here to tell you that raspberry vinergette goes very well with words that must be eaten. I have recently taken the Phase II class. It seemed at every turn I was saying "you never said that before". Bobbi would just look at me and smile. I knew she had because it was indeed the same workbook.

Wow! The Phase II class may be a repeat of the Phase I class but it truly is like a whole new class. One of the reasons is I had been out in the world putting to use the information. Then to hear it again, it actually sank in and made sense of things I had so many questions about. The education/information I received was totally worth taking another class.

Now I think that instead of saying it is a requirement, it should be said it is a kindness that it is repeated.
Looking forward to my certification.
Jeanne - AZ

Reflexology is not a substitute for medical intervention, and it is important that for any serious medical conditions, diagnosis is made by a medical professional. As reflexologists, we cannot claim to cure, prescribe or diagnose, but many believe it is a great therapy to re-balance, relax and restore.